Friday, August 13, 2010

13 August 2010

We have just gotten in some glow-in-the-dark yarn. This stuff is just plain fun. I made a hat for my grandaughter and she thought it was great. The only child on the block with a hat that glows.

This yarn will glow for quite awhile and is non-flammable and machine washable and dryable. This might make a great gift for the dark winter months and keeping children safe when the clock turns back.

I also was able to find "Hunter Orange" or "International Orange" for the hunting season. This is a four-ply yarn that knits at 4.5 sts/inch. (If you want the cap to be extra dense, then knit at 5 sts/inch.) There is enough in one ball (280 yards) to knit a watch cap to keep your hunter safe and warm.

This yarn is machine washable and dryable.

Friday, August 6, 2010

6 August 2010

New items are arriving every day and I am so behind in knitting store models......

The newest item is a kit called Scarf in a Scarf. You knit a scarf out of a luxurious silk/merino, hand-dyed yarn and then lace a silk scarf that was dyed to match through the knitting.

It can be worn very simply or be as a very "girly-girl" ruffled scarf - your choice. You just have to see it to believe it.