Saturday, March 26, 2016

26 March 2016

I will be open for three hours tomorrow morning and close at 1:00 pm. Closing early on Easter Sunday. If you have last minute stitching needs that will be the time to see me and get what will pull you through the holiday.

I will be writing the pattern for the 4Square Throw today and giving it a thorough once over. When knitted you end up with two large diamond patterns and an interesting cross-hatch. I will knit several more squares so that the additional pattern starts to show and take another picture. Here's what it looks like with only three squares.

There are three colors of yarn used. Two of the yarns are Rowan Pure Wool worsted in solid colors and one long period variegated, Classic Elite Liberty Print. The variegated isn't necessary and a solid can be substituted.

I have rough quantities estimated so bear with me.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

20 Mar 2016

Nothing like multiple projects.....

I'm also knitting a Turtle Bay Shawl designed by Lidia Karabinech and can be found in Stacy Charles Fine Yarns, City Streets, Fall/Winter 2015.

It uses Luna Effects, a extra fine kid mohair and silk lace weight yarn that is gently self-striping with long color periods. It is a dream to work with. The pattern is simple and yet elegant. This is a dream to knit and only requires three balls of yarn.

Stop[ by the shop and give this yarn a touch. It is really soft! Just the perfect cover-up for the summer.

Friday, March 18, 2016

18 March 2016

I've been so busy knitting and writing a pattern that I've forgotten to blog.

I'm working on a very simple throw that just requires garter stitch. It looks like a quilt and I'm calling it 4Square because it's knit. As I write the pattern I'm counting stitches so at the end of each color you will have a number before you start the next color.

This can be knit with any yarn. I'm knitting it with washable wool at 5 sts/inch. I am including a long period change variegated but you can choose to make it all solids. I'm working on my second square and will take a picture of them together so that you can see the pattern that forms.

Here's the first square.

Stay tuned. I'm almost finished with the second one.