Wednesday, August 24, 2011

24 August 2011

I have been so busy receiving new items I haven't had a chance to post! Don't forget, I've scheduled a Porch Party for September 24, all day. We'll have scrumptious cookies and tea too!

OK, back to the new products I selected just for you. I've gotten in new sock yarns, lace yarns and sweater yarns. There is even a yarn named Solo 1 Minuto that lets you create a scarf "in a minute" (well, maybe in three minutes). And there is yet more to come; so check back often, because I've found some really great yarns for you to keep your knitting interesting.

We're also working on new models to make your choices easier. Please ask us to show you what we're currently knitting for the shop.

I also purchased some new needlepoint to entice. There are needlepoint bracelets (yes, bracelets), new belts and new Christmas ornaments.

In addition to needlepoint Christmas ornaments, I will have those wonderful knitted and beaded Christmas ornaments here at the shop as a trunk show. I will also be offering a class on knitting the beaded ornaments Saturday, October 1.

We've gotten in some new "Stitch 'n Zips" for your e-reader, and I even found leather covers for your iPads. You can stitch an insert and make the leather cover your very own or personalize one as that very special gift.