Friday, December 31, 2010

15 January 2011

Hi folks,

Here's a new pattern that was designed by the HCY Design Team. You can find the link on the HCYs Ravelry page. It's knit with one skein of Berroco's Borealis and it's just garter stitch to boot.

If you don't know about Ravelry, it's time to find out about it. There is no fee and the knitting world will open up to you. Need I say more.

Friday, December 17, 2010

17 December 2010

New yarns have started coming in! I just got Cascade Yarns 220 in Sport Weight, and it is washable too. That means all of your baby patterns pre-1970 will no longer be a problem. You don't have to resort to acrylic yarns.

To help those of you who do not have older baby patterns I ordered Penny Straker patterns that support this weight of yarn. These are classic patterns and will be be just as fashionable today as they were in the '60s and will be for scores of years to come. These sweaters will become family heirlooms.

New class schedules were mailed on Monday. I just got mine today and it was the post office that they were mailed from! You should be receiving the schedules today or tomorrow. If you are impatient, the schedule is on the website.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

9 December 2010

I have been remiss. I am sorry for not having posted for awhile.

I have been busy trying to bring in new products for your winter knitting. And, we have gotten in some great yarns. I've just ordered some Cascade Eco + and there are free patterns for this yarn. I have been notified that it has shipped so I hope it will be in next week.

Jered Flood has knitted a beautiful throw using the Eco yarn. You can see and download the pattern from Ravelry.

There will be more yarns coming soon and I will let you know as they arrive.

The class schedule is at the printers as I write this. If you don't get one in the mail by the end of next week, please let me know. I've added a class about cast-ons. It might surprise you how many types there are and how they might just be a bit better than the one you're presently using.

I'm including some of the pictures of the tams knitting at the PJ Party weekend. Courtney was nice enough to model her tam for me.

And now for a smile....

I've found that there is a very permanent way of attaching buttons to your sweater. I use dental floss (not waxed). I know you're saying, "What about the white?" Well, a permanent marker takes care of that. The color only has to be close - not an exact match. The best way is to back the button with another button. Fabric shops sell emergency buttons. They're clear and just the ticket for the backside of the button band. This stops the button from being torn out and helps it lay flat on the surface of the button band.

Happy Holidays!