Thursday, May 17, 2018

17 May 2018

I decided to knit a sweater for my brother but nothing I do can be simple. I found a great stitch pattern for a sweater designed by Nora Gaughan. The sweater that Nora designed is called John's Sweater and it is a Ravelry pattern.

I decided the yarn used is too heavy for my brother so I went from a aran weight to sport weight yarn. After working a sample my gauge (over pattern) was 9.2 sts/inch. Just a bit of adjusting is necessary to make this work with the JaggerSpun Heathers yarn that I want to use. To make my life easier, I'm knitting from a cone of Heathers. I just get to knit and not worry about having to work in ends.

When you have a moment, stop by and I will show you the progress and explain how I'm making this work.

Nora's design works up from the 'ribbing' right into the cable pattern. It is a well thought out approach.

Now if I can just get this done by Christmas......
17 May 2018

I have busy knitting the Mentolat Shawl kit designed by Jocelyn Tunney. This shawl is knit using Manos Del Uruguay using their soft hand-dyed Silk Wool. Simple to knit and doesn't require concentration. I'm knitting the largest size (85" long and 17" wide) but there are two other lengths (41" and 69") if you would like a shorter shawl.

The picture is a bit distorted because I didn't have a ladder to stand on. I'm finishing the last partial triangle that will square off the end on the left-hand side. Hard to see but the last color is magenta.

There are eight colorways to choose from. I should be finished with this model soon. Stop by and try  it on. It is cuddly soft.