Thursday, February 28, 2013

28 February 2013

New yarns are slowly arriving. We've knit two models out of Berroco's new Karma cotton tape. This is a great yarn and is fast to knit. Berroco has a book just for this yarn. Stop by and see what we've created.

Berroco has discontinued Origami. One of our models was a very popular sweater using Berroco. Well, not to worry. Berroco has as new yarn called Captiva and Captiva Metallic. We've chosen to knit the model named "kiama" out of Captiva Metallic. The whole Origami book's patterns will translate to this new yarn without a problem. We can show you the model in progress. When you're here ask to see it.

We have a new yarn from Manos that we're trying out. The yarn is a blend of merino and silk in lace weight called Fino. It is a soft single ply yarn and we are knitting a shawlette from Ravelry called Holden designed by Mindy Wilkes (this is a free pattern from Ravelry). This is another beautiful example of stitch patterning that is just pleasing to the eye. Ask and we'll show you the progress.

Mountain Colors Coat of Many Colors from the book Knit Swirl. The shop model will be in the color Wild Rose, knit in a combination of Mountain Goat and Twizzle. Mountain Colors has seven different colorways for this kit (the kit does not include the pattern). You can see the colors here. The project can seem daunting because all of the stitches can fit on a 47" needle. Ask to see the work in progress.

We're working hard to have models of the new yarns for your viewing. So, if you see us sitting at the front table knitting, ask, it is most likely to become a model for the shop.