Wednesday, January 23, 2013

23 January 2013

It's still hard to believe that it is 2013 but I will get use to it.

It's cold but it could be worse. This is great weather for staying indoors in front of a fire knitting and working on needlepoint.


Paternayan needlepoint yarn is now back in production. They have started with a limited number of colors (less than 30) and will build back up to the 418 colors that is their standard. It does take time when you are starting all over again.

There has been no price increase!

I have ordered, from the first list of what they have started dyeing, the colors that I am missing. Black and two off-whites might be the most popular along with the 968 red.

I will keep you posted when more of the colors are ready.

The best news is that Paternayan is still with us!