Sunday, April 30, 2017

30 April 2017

I know I've been quiet lately but I've been hard at work knitting. The Agate Ripple Cardigan has been done and is hanging as a model in the shop (whew!) Stop by and see the finished product.

We just got in Feza Baby Gradient Blankets designed by Nancy Rieck. These packs will knit a blanket or two stoles. The yarn is called Baby and is sprayed dyed to two different intensities to create a gradient. The yarn is a cotton/viscose blend and is super soft and washable.

This is a think out of the box type of project. You can knit alternate stripes, add a pattern, what ever comes to mind. Be creative!

These kits will not be a our booth at Maryland Sheep and Wool (booth D16 Main Exhibition Hall). We will only have them at the shop.