Friday, September 30, 2011

30 September 2011

We're going to have a celebration in town tomorrow. It's The Plains Day.

Activities start at 9:30 am. Main street will shut down for the parade at 10ish. If you want to enjoy a fun and funny parade do get here early. There is parking behind the shop and that is where it would be best to park.

All street activities are over by noon but there are other activities in town until about 4 pm for you and children.

Friday, September 23, 2011

23 Sept 2011

Don't forget the Porch Party tomorrow!

Remember, you can sit on the porch when it's raining and not get wet. Of course, you can sit inside too but with the porch - but who cares. It'll be fun. Probably NO motorcycles with the prospect of rain. It will be quiet and an enjoyable day.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, September 16, 2011

16 September 2011

Whew! The shop has been busily stocking the shelves. Yarns ordered in June are finally arriving.

Eco Duo and Eco Cloud, a super soft baby alpaca and super fine merino wool yarn, is finally here. Eco Duo is a plied yarn in marled natural colors. Eco Cloud is a chained yarn in natural colors that have slight variations in color. Both are beautiful and soooo soft. This is what you WANT to wear. Remember, Cascade has free patterns on their web site.

For the lace knitters, Cascade has Kid Silk Noir. This is super soft kid mohair and silk blend with the tiniest bit of glitz. Just enough sparkle to make whatever you knit very special.

Swedish Yarns has Raggi. A plied wool blend that comes in solid and stripe/patterning colors. We have a great model of a modified kimono sweater and "Guest Socks". The socks will knit in a day. We've done them in holiday patterning colors. They're here for you to see.

Need a scarf in a hurry? Well, Dolce Vita is just what you need. A looped yarn that you finger chain into a scarf in less than three minutes. The scarf will be a hit anywhere you go.

Huge and colorful is a good way to describe Berroco's soft Link yarn. This yarn makes instant accessories. Link is a multi-colored chained yarn that is knit on size 35 or 50 needles. Berroco provides a pattern on the inside of the label and there is a free booklet that can be downloaded from their web site.

I've knitted the scarf that is shown on the label. Not being satisfied with knitting it as the pattern has been written, I tried a variation. You can see both ways of knitting the scarf. I'll explain how I did it. Those of you who know me know that I try to find the easiest way of doing something.

There's more good things arriving all of the time. Please do stop by so we can show you all of the new yarns and the projects that we're knitting with them.

Don't forget the Porch Party on September 24. We'll be enjoying the porch for the last time this season (as a group at least). Cookies and tea will be available. Please do come and enjoy the company and make new knitting friends.