Friday, November 2, 2012

After Sandy.

2 November 2012

We hope everyone fared well in the storm. All is OK here at the store. (Yay!)

Unfortunately, not all of our vendors are up and running again so if there’s an order we’re trying to place for you, please be patient. Once we can complete the orders, we will.

We have new yarns and models in the shop to come see. From Cascade Yarns we received Venezia Worsted in several lovely colors. To go with that, we have a model of the Venezia Worsted Flared Bottom V-Neck 1 Button Cardigan (W19), which is a free pattern on their site.  Ask us to show you the Lana d'Oro model and yarns as well if you haven't seen them already.

We are reintroducing Fiesta Yarns! This includes the new and improved La Boheme (ask us how it has improved), as well as La Luz which is their beautiful kettle dyed 100% spun silk. We'll post again when we're ready to have you come "ooh" and "ahhh" over the beautiful colors.

Several yarns on sale for 50% off throughout the store. Stop by and help us make room for the new yarns.