Friday, July 8, 2011

8 July 2011

We had a great time over the Fourth of July weekend. The sit and knit was a big hit with everyone especially because of the great cookies by "Loaf-n-Around". The Hunters brought delicious mini cinnamon buns and Ms. Bowes brought her famous Deviled Eggs. Just heavenly.

Items are arriving all the time from my buying trip.

Finally, great circular knitting case from Namaste. They listened to what I had to say and made a carry case that works! They even include labels for the tabs you see in the pictures.

Circular needle organization is now a reality.

And, they've improved the Hermosa knitting bag. It's great as a knitting bag but makes a wonderful purse too. Lots of pockets outside and inside and with the Circular Case to match, what could be better?

Big Baby from Muench has arrived. This is a great marl yarn that also phases though colors. Yes, they do solid colors too. A baby blanket at 2.5 st/in knits fast and there are two sweater patterns that I think just hit the ticket when you need a baby sweater in a hurry. We have a sample of a Big Baby Feather & Fan blanket in the shop until mid August. Stop by and see this great yarn - it's just plain fun.Of course you can knit an adult sweater using this yarn. And yes they have adult colors. Just ask to see the color card. We'll order what ever color you'd like.

Friday, July 1, 2011

1 July 2011

Don't forget the sit-and-knit this Saturday and Sunday at the shop. Cookies and iced tea will be available to all who come. This is a great way to meet new knitters and needlepointers and just have a relaxing day. (Also a great day to get away from the chaos at home!) No beltway traffic out here.

Today is the first day of my July Anniversary Sale. Items change every week so you need to come at least every week to see what new has been placed on sale. Items are up to 50% off. A great way to stock up for Fall and Winter projects.

And to make matters worse, new yarns and needlepoint are arriving all the time!

So many decisions, and all weekend to make them.