Saturday, December 19, 2015

19 December 2015


Christmas Eve - open until 3 pm

Christmas Day CLOSED


New Years Eve - open until 3 pm

New Years Day - CLOSED

We will be having a Sit and Knit at the shop on the Saturday and Sunday after Christmas and New Year during normal shop hours. Come sit down in the calm of the shop and knit with us. You can tell stories about your holiday experiences too!
19 December 2015

I've done all of the decreases and increases for the Blank Slate. It has taken only two and a quarter balls of yarn to get this far. I'm now knitting the sleeves to be joined onto the body.

As a reminder, this will be a raglan with saddle shoulders.

The knitting has been a breeze but with other projects popping up this becomes a start/stop project. The markers keep me honest with where I am in the project and help me remember (that's the most important part - remembering.)
19 December 2015

If you have a couple of hours you can knit a quick child's hat for Christmas or just for fun. These are really quick knit on a US 9 needle.

We have Santas, elves, kittens, dogs and stars.
19 December 2015

Want a great idea, how about a reflective head band using Lumio. Don't want to knit with a bulky yarn - we've gotten in the reflective thread from Kreinik that you can add to any yarn you're knitting with! Pick a yarn and make it reflective.

Keep a warm set of tootsies when you have a cast on.

Don't want to knit a hat. Knit a headband. Make you visible a night just as well as a hat.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

6 December 2015

The shop just got in more Knitter's Pride needles for the holiday season. I've been using the Marblez and I really like them. I think they remind me of the Susan Bates nylon needles of the 1950's. They're flexible in my hands and that makes them feel nice (quite obviously my opinion.)

For new knitter or if you want to try the the acrylic needles we've gotten in Trendz needles that are the clear version of the Marblez. They have the same flexibility and come in larger sizes. These needles are very reasonably priced for interchangeable needles.

If you would like wood interchangeable needles we received Knitter's Pride Symfonie Rose needles that are laminated birch stained Rosewood.

I haven't had a moment to try these but the hand on them is wonderful. They do not flex like the acrylic needles but they sure do feel nice in your hands.

Both of these needle sets are screw down. I've never had them come unscrewed on me but I use a small piece of bottle opener rubber to hold the needle as I tighten down using the 'key'.

You can stop by and try my needles, see if you can get them to come loose if you wish. I've been using screw down needles since the 1960's when I bought a NeedleMaster set from Boye without a problem.

Hope to see you soon!

Friday, December 4, 2015

4 December 2015

Well, it was a struggle but I finally got the new class schedule posted on the website. Seems that the server was changed and I had the information for the old server! Couldn't figure out why I couldn't see the new posting. . . . . . . Very big sigh!!!

You should be seeing the new newsletter in your mail boxes soon. They were mailed out on Wednesday. If you don't see a mailer by the end of next week, please let me know so that I can check to see if I have the correct address on file.

Lyn is wearing her Stephen West's 'The Doodler', shawl from the MKAL. She will be leaving the shawl in the shop for awhile. Stop by and see the finished product in person.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

3 December 2015

Here's the progress that I've made on knitting Ysolda Teagues's Blank Canvas sweater. I've about half way through my second ball of yarn and I've knit a bit more than a third of the sweater body. The shaping for the waist are the marker pins you see. In a couple more rows I will be starting to do increases for the bust line.

It is a simple knit with what will be real shaping to fit correctly.

I am going to be getting actual yarn samples of Baa Ram Ewe's Dovestone colors. Yes, real samples of the yarn color. I will post when the samples arrive. This yarn is wonderful to knit with and has a beautiful 'hand'. I'm really enjoying knitting it on the Marblez needles too.

Mailers went out yesterday. Look in your mail box for the bright green trifold.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

2 December 2015

The Winter/Spring mailer is going out to the post office today (or so I've been told). See if you can find my cut and paste blunder (I don't know how I make these mistakes, honestly).

I've started knitting the KAL sweater Blank Canvas by Ysolda Teague. The Baa Ram Ewe yarn that I am using is Dovestone and the color is Aire.

This sweater actually has shaping. The sweater has not been tucked up under the model's arm nor is it pinned heavily in the back. It's really shaped as you knit.

I have been told by the supplier that I will be receiving actual color samples - no more color pictures of the yarns.

Tomorrow I will take a photo of the progress of my knitting.