Friday, June 22, 2018

22 June 2018

I'm still plugging along, as time allows, on the sweater that I'm knitting for my brother. The pattern looks difficult but really isn't if you've ever knitted a cable.

Now that I've corrected the chart that Berroco made for Nora Gaughan's pattern it is much easier to knit and follow the pattern. I will say the hardest part of knitting this sweater is maintaining the stitch pattern while decreasing or increasing the stitches.

I've finished the back and the arm scye wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I just followed the recommended decreases figuring if I follow the decreases for the arm cap they will match. So here goes ......

I will warn that the length of the sleeve recommended in the pattern will be too long. Just look up any sleeve length in a similar pattern. I will be working to 17" and in order to have the correct number of stitches I'm increasing each side every right side row.

If anyone is interested in knitting this pattern you are welcome to a copy of my modified chart, but you need to come to the shop to get it.

Questions about the sweater or my sanity, stop by and ask questions.

This sweater is being knit from coned JaggerSpun Heathers, color Smoke. The yarn gauge is 6 sts/inch. My gauge, over pattern, is 9.2 sts/inch. It will take more than one cone for a man's 42". It's so nice to knit with not having to worry about running out of yarn in the middle of a row.