Saturday, July 29, 2017

29 July 2017

I'm presently also knitting a yarn bundle from Wonderland Yarns called Opposites Attract. The pattern is included on the label. This is a simple to knit garter and eyelet shawl.

One of the yarns is a "slinky sport merino" called Mad Hatter and a "shimmering halo of silk and kit mohair" called Unicorn. This pattern was designed especially by Stephanie Shiman for the Frabjous Fibers and Wonderland Yarns Opposites Attract Kit, this pattern uses one skein each of our Mad Hatter sport merino and Unicorn sparkling silk/mohair blend.

It is a very easy and quick knit.

Here's my work so far:

And here's what you can see on Ravelry.

When finished, the finished size is 74" x 15".

Friday, July 28, 2017

Working with three colors

27 July 2017

We all have been knitting feverishly here at the shop so that we have new model showing the new yarns.

I had forgotten about this and though this technique might be helpful to those of you who dislike pooling colors or are trying to "shade" hand-dyed yarns.

Here is what I am doing:

Colors are better seen person.

The pattern is called ZickZack and it is a chevron pattern that is inspired by famous Italian designer.

Looking at the pattern and deciding that I didn't want too much of a color repeat I decided to use three balls of yarn simultaneously. Is your head reeling? No need. This is a very simple technique and has many uses.

Stop by the shop and I will explain and show you how it is done. It will just take minutes and you can be on your way knitting the same scarf. It's easy.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

12 July 2017

I hear many complaints about interchangeable needles coming unscrewed. Yes it has happened to me too.

One of the simplest things to do is to use the 'key' that comes with your needles. What helps is to also using a rubber gripper. The one that you have in the kitchen to open jars with is just right. It helps you grip the needle tightly enough to get a good 'lock' on the threads when using the key.

If that isn't working for you there is one more trick. I use the Aleene's Stop Fraying that we sell here at the shop. You can use Emer's WHITE Glue if you don't have the Stop Fraying. Just a SMALL drop of either on the tip of the treaded end will help lock the threads.

No unexpected loss of stitches with a needle and no cable.

Hope this helps.....

Friday, July 7, 2017

7 July 2017

Just a gentle reminder

Saturday July 8 and Sunday July 9
 Sit and Knit
during store hours.

Come by, relax and enjoy the companionship of fellow knitters (all needlearts are welcome).

I have added new items to the shop's
Anniversary Sale 
that will continue through the month of July.
Don't miss and opportunity for a good bargin.

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