Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29 Sept 2010

Did you know that there is no standard US needle size? Surprised? The US needle sizes are similar but not exactly the same. A Boye needle might not be exactly the same as a Bates. This leads to the problem with metric needles that try to approximate the closest US size. You will find that one company's metric to US equivalent is not the same as anothers.

So, if you are using a Boye needle and it is damaged and you need to change needles, don't expect that the Bates needle or a true metric needle (like Addi Tubo) will give you the same gauge.

Another problem with needles is that you can't switch from a wood needle to a metal needle and expect the gauge to be the same. Switching needles mid-knit can cause big problems. It would be safer to do another sample to make sure that the gauge with the different needles matches the gauge of the original.

The older your needles, the more likely that their size will differ amongst the companies. And they older they get the worse it gets. I have some pre-1900 needles that are not even close to the sizes of my 1950s needles.

You will have the same problem with needle gauges. An Addi Turbo needle gauge does not accurately measure US needles. It is a true metric needle gauge.

Now to make you feel better. The newer needles, you will note, have both metric and US sizing numbers. This means that the needle is a metric needle with a close US equivalent. You can breathe easier now.

Friday, September 17, 2010

17 September 2010

I've had several folks come in asking for Addi Turbo Clicks with Lace needles. I called the company and yes, they are making Clicks with the Lace needle. BUT, they have over 4000 orders and the Clicks have not arrived in the US yet. I am in that queue but I don't know where. I will have them in the shop - when they send them to me.

Addi also has the soft "wallets" for the Clicks now. If you got one of the original presentation sets, you might want to think about getting a wallet for your additional needles and cables. Or if you travel, the wallets are more compact and easier to carry.

This past week I have been frustrated trying to help folks who come in looking for more yarn to match what they have. The problem is that the ball band was lost. Usually after a search through my database I can find the lot number and color number, but not always.

Here's a helpful hint if you are not a Ravelry person or a person that logs your yarn stash at home. When you ball your yarn, use the yarn band as a "core" and start wrapping the yarn around the band. Then when you are finished knitting with the ball and need more yarn, the ball band is there right when you need it!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

9 September 2010

I'm trying to get the shop ready for the cooler weather so the sock yarns have finally started to come in.

Today we just received several of the new Erica Knight Design Line Jazz Color sock yarns. These are wonderful striping colors with just plain fun names: Be-Bop, Color Me Cool, Flamenco Sketch ..... You really need to see these colors to appreciate them.

And not to make matters worse, we just received new Mini Mochi sock yarn. Of course, these have great color combinations too. The names: Brandied Apricots, Spice Market, and Caramel Latte don't even begin to describe these beautifully delicious colors.

If you knit socks, you really need to see these beautiful colors. Your feet will thank you!

Friday, September 3, 2010

3 September 2010

We have been knitting away here at the shop. We have two new models on display - a beautiful lace-cashmere tee by Filatura and a beaded-lace cape by Deanna's Vintage Style. The tee is so soft you won't believe your fingertips, and the cape - well it's just beautiful.

We now have in stock "Lovely Jeans" by Filatura. This is a really soft cotton yarn that holds its shape well. The matching pattern book is just chock full of classic sweater designs. Knit one of these and this will be the sweater that you will keep forever - timeless color and timeless designs.

We also just received "Mooreland". This is a super soft wool, alpaca, mohair blend that can be knit anywhere from 5 - 6 sts/inch. The colors, well I think they're gorgeous. These are soft heathers that will compliment anything you wear them with. We're going to knit Oat Couture's "The Seville Jacket" using this yarn.