Wednesday, May 25, 2011

25 May 2011

I just couldn't say no. I ordered and received a new Footprint color. It's call All American and it looks great and is just the ticket for Memorial Day knitting.

A blue and white sock with a red heel and toe. How can you beat that!

Friday, May 20, 2011

20 May 2011

We all arrived back safely and the cruise was efficient in getting us off the ship and through customs quickly.

All agreed that this is what cruising is all about. On the pool deck in a chaise, pedicure, knitting in hand and drink on the side. What more could be asked for?

I will post more photos on the website as soon as I have time - I promise.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

18 May 2011

Hi Folks

Yesterday was the rush day. If you didn’t have time to see something on Monday in Bermuda then you had until 1:30 pm to get it done. There were several last minute panics but all turn out well.

Tales of exploits were shared at dinner. Again, last minute purchases were shown or pass around and admired. I have to admit, there were many beautiful items and I will have to check those stores the next time.

(I have been told there will have to be a ‘next time’.)

Everyone is sad that the trip is coming to an end and wished it could be longer. Well, isn’t it always the case. Vacations always seem to be too short!

Most have finished their “Bermuda Project” and were surprised and pleased. All now have a ‘spa towel’ with a shell motif as a memory of their trip.

I will post photos of the trip on the website. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

17 May 2011

Bermuda is truly a beautiful tropical island with pastel houses with white roofs dotting the hillsides.

Yesterday morning we were off bright and early and decided to visit the British Maritime museum. The museum really gives you the perspective of how it was in the 1500-1600’s here in Bermuda. It was interesting to learn the history of the island in addition to how Bermuda became the place to go to relax in the sun.

After touring the museum we walked through the “Dockyard” shops. There are many shop that feature local artists and local products. I purchased some jams and as I was asking for help choosing, I met the woman who makes the jams. What a wonderful way to purchase a product by talking to the maker and getting suggestions helpful hints.

From the dockyard we took a ferry across to Hamilton, the capitol of Bermuda. Hamilton is just a perfectly wonderfully tidy town. There are shops galore and they all have beautiful things to admire and buy. I purchased a great “wool” related tea towel that I will have in the shop. It should give you quite a laugh.

Walking through the town you notice that there is a scale to the buildings that gives it a personable feel. The buildings new and old are in a colonial style with Bermuda Shutters, verandas and the stepped tile roofs.

The white stepped tiled roofs called (wait for it) Bermuda Roofs, are made from large pieces of limestone tiles and painted white. This roof is designed to catch water and channel it down to the cistern that is usually located under the house. Bermuda has always been a bit short of fresh water and the catchments are in integral part of living here.

When shopping was done we caught a cab and had a tour ride back to the ship. Our driver/tour guide showed us the beautiful sites around the island from the large private homes in the “desired” areas of the island to the beautiful pink sand beaches and turquoise waters lapping at their edges. The water is a bit cool, so a quick entry was suggested by our guide.

I think that we were shown sites that the normal tours don’t show, but that is what made the ride fun. We were delivered back to the ship safe and sound with many stories to share with fellow knitters. We sat in the Schooner Lounge until 11 pm sharing out experiences and showing each other the treasures we found.

More as soon as I have time. Off to do some more sightseeing!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

15 May 2011

Hi Folks

The Bermuda Knit Cruise is just ‘sailing’ along.

This is the first day at sea and all is well. The boarding went smoothly on Saturday and all are pleased with their staterooms.

We’ve had two ‘meetings’ so far and everyone is working on their surprise Bermuda project. No one knows what they are knitting.. They’ve all been given a ball of Classic Elite, Provence in the color “Bermuda Sand”. (I thought that would be appropriate for the trip.) They have been given instructions and a chart but I have not told them what it is that they are knitting. I haven’t shown them a finished project. There are many guesses as to what the project is but no one has guessed yet.

The food is great and you can eat all day long – if you choose. The way the food comes out of the kitchen is mind boggling. I don’t know how they do it. It must be organized chaos.

The wind is warm (72 degrees) and the seas are moderate. There was a large thunderstorm this morning and the skies opened up for about fifteen minutes, but that was early this morning long before I was about.

Folks are now waiting for us to dock in Bermuda. Many have planned excursions and all are looking forward to discovering the island.

I will let you all know how the shore trips go tomorrow.

Friday, May 13, 2011

13 May 2011

We had a great time a Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. We met many new people and we saw a lot of you. Thank you for stopping by and saying, "Hi!".

If you didn't make it to the festival, or you didn't have time to see all we had in the booth, stop by the store. We have all of the festival wools at the shop to make it easy.

Mountain Colors: Weaver's Wool and Mountain Lace
Manos: Maxima and Alpaca Lace
Prism: Saki, Stuff and Odds & Ends

I'm hoping to have the yarn here until the end of May.

Tomorrow I take off for Bermuda with 29 knitting friends. We're planning on having a great time knitting and chatting our way to and from Bermuda. If I can, I will attempt to blog from the ship. Yes, I will take pictures.

Here's a picture of Lyn wearing the Kaffe Fassett Unwind Wrap. Stop by the shop and try it on. You'll find it is just like a dream.

And, don't forget to plan for the sit and knit at the shop on the weekend of the Fourth. We're an easy drive and no traffic.