Wednesday, October 3, 2018

3 October 2018

You can call me crazy but my wife kept commenting on how beautiful the sweater was that I knitted for my brother. How could I refuse offering.....

The sport weight Heathers by Jagger Spun was going to be too heavy so I knitted a pattern sample using fingering weight Heathers.

I started knitting with the needle size that I used for my brother's sweater and that just wasn't working. So down a needle size and that worked perfectly. You can see how I continued to knit a gauge swatch just changing the needle size.

Armed with my new gauge (11.2 sts/inch) I made a guide for what I need to knit. Just a rough sketch for where I'm going. Oh, and yes, she wanted a cardigan. I haven't worked out how to knit the pattern on both sides of the 'button band', but I have some thoughts. I will be knitting the front edge band double wide in stockinette stitch, with a turning stitch, and folding it to the inside and sewing it down. That way the front edge of the sweater will be stabilized and the bands will have some body.

With the exception of the back, what I will do is all guess work. I'm not afraid to backup if necessary and change what I'm doing to make it work.

This will be an interesting journey. Stop by the shop and see how it's going. Want to give it a try? Let's talk.

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